Christopher Rankin

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Company SBMSuite
Location Raleigh, NC
Member Since March 9, 2010 (over 9 years)

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The radiant-crm-extension is a port of the FatFreeCRM customer relationship manager. Track & Assign Leads, Task, Contacts, Campaigns, Opportunities, & Accounts.

Your Radiant users that have are …


Give all your users an API key. Also easily restrict users from the Admin interface. For example if you have customers, and you don’t want to create a customer role, and don’t want them to access t…


Shop Cart provides shopping cart functionality to the radiant-shop-extension. It allows any Controller you delegate to add/remove/update items to a shopping cart. Shop Cart requires the activemerch…


Shop Tax allows you to calculate taxes by state and or country for the radiant shop extension. You currently need to create your own interface for adding new states and countries. A country/state g…


This extension allows you to create galleries of Paperclipped Assets. Provides an admin interface to add and remove assets from a Gallery, and radius tags to easily include the Galleries in your si…