Jason Garber

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I use Radiant a lot, in my primary job at EMU and the jobs I do for a number of private clients.

Website/Blog http://radiantcmshosting.com
Member Since August 20, 2008 (about 11 years)

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Enable RedCloth 4.0.3 or greater from RubyGems. RedCloth 3.0.4 comes packaged with Radiant <= 0.6.9, so we have to pull some tricks to get RedCloth loaded from gems. Not needed with Radiant 0.7 a…


Adds a toolbar when the Textile filter is selected to make it easier to apply Textile formatting. If you have enkoder_tags and page_attachments extensions installed, the link and image buttons als…


Works with the page_attachments extension to make attached files available under the page they’re attached to, so the URL of an attachment can be pretty and also located where it belongs in the hei…


This extension allows you to host multiple separate sites with their own pages, snippets, and layouts on the same
Radiant instance. Everything is scoped to the site, so you must log in separatel…


This extension adds versioning to pages and uses a page’s status to determine its visibility. The most recent published or hidden version is visible in live mode and the most recent version, a.k.a….


When caching was switched to Rack::Cache in Radiant 0.8, the bit where it wouldn’t cache in dev mode was left out. This puts it back in. Not needed in Radiant 0.9.


Finds an exact string of text in the contents of a page. Click an occurrence to go to that page or enter another string of text to replace all occurrences.