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An old hacker who has been making sites since 1993 and is more and more given to get off my lawn moments.

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This is a framework that takes care of all the dull bits of registering, activating, reminding, logging in, sending messages and editing preferences for your site visitors (or members, or subscribe…


This is a simple but comprehensive forum implementation that plugs into radiant. It’s fairly well-featured, including:

  • forums, topics, posts etc
  • page comments
  • simple but effective forum …

This is another way to apply tags to objects in your radiant site and retrieve objects by tag. If you’re looking at this you will also want to look at the tags extension, which does a good job of t…


This is a gallery/library displayer. It combines paperclipped (for images and documents) and taggable to offer faceted tag-based retrieval of everything through a single page. I use it for image li…


This extension sits on top of the reader framework and adds a useful layer of group access control. Out of the box it allows you to limit pages to certain groups and to send messages to designated …


More glue: this adds reader-group-based access control to the forum extension, allowing you to restrict access to some of your forums. It makes it easy to offer private discussions.


This is a tiny extension that sits on our version of multi_site and provides robust site-scoping of users, layouts and snippets.


This is a simple and fairly thin extension that makes it easy to protect file downloads using nginx’s internal redirects. It works something like this:

  • You upload a file using the admin interf…

This is a simple thing that adds a few radius tags and makes it very easy to serve RSS feeds. The assumption is that your feed has a root page: might be your blog, might be the home page if you wan…


This is a simple thing that adds a few radius tags and makes it very easy to serve a podcast in a way that is suitable for inclusion in itunes listings. We also have a very similar rss_page extensi…


This adds to paperclipped a sturdy batch uploader with queue and progress bars. We use SWFupload to do most of the work, which also gives us much more reliable uploading of big files than you get o…


This adds to paperclipped the ability to play back video and audio files through a standard player, and a set of useful tags like r:assets:playable and r:if_playable.


This extension adds a useful second layer of navigation to the main radiant admin interface, and helps to keep the tab frenzy to a manageable level. It’s mostly meant for use by extension authors, …


This extension lets your radiant site present calendar events. It can read ical feeds and caldav servers (including google calendars), or you can enter and administer events through the admin inter…


A tiny bit of glue to attach taggable’s tags to event_calendar’s events and define some radius tags useful on calendar pages.


Makes easy the display of event_calendar events on a google map. Understands postcodes, zipcodes, OS grid references and most postal addresses.


This is a very simple extension allows you to offer a cache-friendly mobile version of your radiant site. It takes care of the configuration of the site and the redirection of users between version…