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  • CSS & JS now require developer & admin rights to edit.
  • TrueCaching™ so that your users aren’t forced to re-download them every 5 mins.
  • No more layouts just to serv…

Plugs into the SnS extension to allow you to shrink (minify) your CSS and/or JS files. That way you can view and edit the big, easy-to-read, commented versions but serve low-fat ones.

Several s…


Adds Sass filtering to the SnS extension. Write your stylesheets using Sass, and we’ll serve ’em up for you all washed and pressed.


An if/unless framework for Radiant pages. Rather than being limited to Radiant’s pre-built conditionals, the world is now your oyster. Better still, it allows extension writers to craft their own …


Set, retrieve, and evaluate variables within pages, snippets and/or layouts. Let’s you parameter-ize your snippets and page parts and use those values via the conditional tags extension