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Radiant extension to accommodate Ace Code Editor ( http://ace.ajax.org/ )

  • Whilst editing files using ACE, hit ctrl+enter to switch between normal and full screen mode!
  • Fluid layout that exp…

An extension that makes use of the Rails acts_as_solr plugin in Radiant

by ychaker

Adds breadcrumbs to the page edit interface (extended metadata) to provide links to the ancestor pages.

by Jim Gay

This extension uses the admin_data plugin to provide a simple CRUD interface for your database tables.

by Jim Gay

Display random banners in your pages. Uses a simple <r:ad_banner/> tag and avoids duplicates when multiple banners are included on a page.

Requires the paperclipped extension….


Collects children of multiple unrelated pages for iteration with <r:children:each>


Adds airbrake/hoptoad notification to your app. Also adds javascript notifier tag for reporting js errors. Easy to setup and get going.

by mnoack

The any_page extension allows you to iterate over any page of your site, regardless of URL and position in the document tree. It’s useful to build a “last edited” section of your site.


Provides extensions the ability to alter the Radiant interface without changing the underlying layout. You can use this to append (or completely replace) stylesheets or javascripts used by the int…

by Jim Gay

Adds r:archive_children, which allows you to iterate over all pages that have an ArchivePage as parent. Kind of like r:aggregate, but without specifying urls.. All iteration-related attributes (ord…


Alters a default Archive extension:

  • Groupping pages by another pattern, specified in Radiant::Config (for example, by %Y/%m)
  • Skip groupping of some pages in archive, specified by pattern in R…

Simple asset management (images and other uploads) for Radiant.

Features on-the-fly image resizing and cropping


This extension allows you to create galleries of Paperclipped Assets. Provides an admin interface to add and remove assets from a Gallery, and radius tags to easily include the Galleries in your si…


An asset packager for Radiant, allowing you to server minified css and js files from your public directory.


Imports Atom feeds into a standard blog layout in Radiant. Co-developed with James Avery.


Easily upload mp3 files, and embed them on your Radiant site with a Flash audio player. Controls are provided for customising the color theme of the flash player.


Audit provides an extensible framework for auditing and logging admin interactions as well as a UI for reviewing and searching audited events. With this extension, site admins now have the ability …


The Authenticator extension for RadiantCMS adds two factor authentication support to your radiant website.

Under the hood it uses the Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) algorithm specified in R…


The Authy extension for RadiantCMS adds two factor authentication support to your Radiant website using the Authy (https://www.authy.com/) API.


Ba is a conference and event management system for Radiant


This extension is intended for use with Radiant version 1.0 or higher.
It was designed specifically for heavy content sites.
It will divide children of ArchivePages into subpages per year and mon…


Back door is a Radiant extension that allows executing Ruby code directly inside Radiant templates. It provides the following main tags: <r:ruby>, <r:erb>, <r:if>, <r:else>,…

by aitorgr

supports rotating banners on pages, including foreground and background, and custom styles.
HEAD requires >= Radiant 0.9.1. Tags available for specific versions.
Also available as a gem, radiant…


Allows RadiantCMS to share users and layouts with Altered Beast forum software. See project’s README file for more information and instructions on required plugins for your beast installation.