The radiant-crm-extension is a port of the FatFreeCRM customer relationship manager. Track & Assign Leads, Task, Contacts, Campaigns, Opportunities, & Accounts.

Your Radiant users that have are marked with “crm” role will be included in the CRM. Users who are designers will not show up unless they are also “crm” role.

It is designed to work with vhost_extension.
Author Christopher Rankin
Repository git://
Supports Radiant 0.9.0
Record Created March 9, 2010 (over 9 years ago)


At the command prompt, in the root of your Radiant project, type:

script/extension install crm

Requires vhost_extension. We will rewrite the extension to support multi_site and single radiant sites if we can receive enough financial support from the community. Otherwise you’ll need to fork the project to get it to work with those type installations.