Enabler allows you to enable and disable a site remotely.

Just setup

to whatever you want and post to yoursite.com/admin/disable/your_api_key or yoursite.com/admin/enable/your_api_key

Each time you post to enable or disable the cache is cleared. The messages displayed to a visitor when a site is disabled are cached for 24 hours, so your application won’t be bogged down by requests.

So that your sites don’t reveal whether or not this extension is installed, if you post an invalid api key it will respond with the usual Radiant response for any url. Responding to an invalid key with a 403 (as you might expect from this) would allow someone to scan your site for this url and a 403 response. To avoid that, it’ll just render your FileNotFound page.

Author Jim Gay
Website http://github.com/saturnflyer/radiant-enabler-extension
Repository git://github.com/saturnflyer/radiant-enabler-extension.git
Download http://github.com/saturnflyer/radiant-enabler-extension/tarball/1.0.0
Supports Radiant 0.9
Record Created April 27, 2010 (about 9 years ago)


At the command prompt, in the root of your Radiant project, type:

script/extension install enabler

gem install radiant-enabler-extension