Create a snapshot of all pages on your site.

This was based upon an old Snapshot extension from long ago by a developer whom I can’t remember as well as the Electrostatic Extension by Justin Knowlden.

Currently, it copies all it’s files to a directory in tmp/ and sends you a zip file. The Electrostatic Extension creates a `tar` file, but I wanted this to bit a bit more friendly to the non-tech-savvy. I’m not sure if my assumption is correct, but I suspect some users to be confused by that extension on a file. However, the `.zip` isn’t working properly, so that’ll be addressed in the future. Contributions are welcome.

Author Jim Gay
Repository git://
Supports Radiant 0.9
Record Created May 21, 2010 (about 9 years ago)


At the command prompt, in the root of your Radiant project, type:

script/extension install snapshot