This module lets you embed GroupDocs’ efficient online document annotation app along with selected documents into the Radiant website pages. Once the documents are embedded, you can annotate those using intuitive tools or perform document collaboration by sharing them with your colleagues.

The ability to annotate document online helps you and your colleagues to perform document collaboration at the same time. This greatly improves the communication and quickens the review process. Also, GroupDocs.Annotation app supports all common and business formats. This helps you overcome the hurdles, such as the cross-platform and cross-version issues when you collaborate on documents.

GroupDocs PDF Annotation app is an all-in-one annotator, which can be used as an online Word annotator, PDF annotator, Excel annotator, to mention a few. Use this plugin to embed GroupDocs’ efficient online document annotation app to the Radiant pages.

Author Marketplace Team
Supports Radiant 1.1.0
Record Created October 18, 2012 (over 6 years ago)
Last Updated October 21, 2014 (over 4 years ago)


At the command prompt, in the root of your Radiant project, type:

script/extension install groupdocs_annotation