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This extension allows you to use r:find with an ‘id’ attribute instead of the usual ‘path’ attribute. This way the r:find tag will stay intact even if the path of the target page changes.
An ‘ids’…


This extension adds find and replace functionality to the backend of your Radiant CMS based website.

Supports regular expressions and case (in)sensitivity. When showing results, you can check wh…


Add the Microsoft Office, PDF & image annotation capability to your Radiant CMS.

This extension integrates …


With GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud plugin you can compare two versions of a document online from within your web browser. Compare Word documents,…


GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud extension helps you quickly and easily generate custom documents with user-specific data. It automatically fills in your standard document templates with data entered b…


This module lets you embed GroupDocs’ efficient online document annotation app along with selected documents into the Radiant website pages. Once the documents are embedded, you can annotate those …


This plugin is provided by the GroupDocs online signature service. It allows you to embed office documents (such…


Enables viewing site pages in a list views sortable by attibute, either full list or a paginated list. HEAD is >=0.9.1 compatible; tag 0.8.2 is compatible with 0.7.0 or higher.


Enables draft versions of pages, snippets and layouts, which can be scheduled for promotion to published status. HEAD requires >= Radiant 1.0.0. Tags available for 0.9.1 and earlier versions.


This is a RadiantCMS extension (originally a behavior by Alessandro Preite Martinez, extension created by Loren Johnson) that adds some tags to fetch and display RSS feeds. It uses the ’ruby-feedp…


This extension integrates GroupDocs’ .NET (C#, VB.NET) document viewer into Radiant CMS and enables you to display…


Allows you to define new default page properties for every new child of a certain page. Most commonly used to set new default page parts or fields, but you could also put ‘template’ content in page…


Powered by the GroupDocs HTML5 document viewer for Java library this extension allows you to seamlessly embed and display al…


Allows you to set up a second email to the form submitter that differs from the email sent to regular mail receiver.
See README.md for configuration instructions.


Allows you to specify ‘asset roles’, so you can add meaning to a relation between a page and an asset. For example a page can have 5 images attached, and 4 of those have a role of ‘portfolio image’…


Adds airbrake/hoptoad notification to your app. Also adds javascript notifier tag for reporting js errors. Easy to setup and get going.

by mnoack

Provides a quick way for users to enter key/values for use in pages/snippets or ruby code (e.g. other extensions). Great for user managed ids/configuration/text/etc.

by mnoack

This extension allows you to have users use their ldap/active_directory (e.g. Windows) password in addition to their radiant user password.

Great for CMS users in the enterprise as it’s one less…

by mnoack

This extension allows a Radiant designer to pull a webpage from a given URL, replace portions of it using regular expressions, and save the outcome as a standard (but uneditable) Radiant layout.


Polish Language Pack (admin interface translation)


supports rotating banners on pages, including foreground and background, and custom styles.
HEAD requires >= Radiant 0.9.1. Tags available for specific versions.
Also available as a gem, radiant…


Extra tags for Rails3-like asset pipeline integration. Based on the Michael Grosser’s backport of asset pipeline functionality: https://github.com/grosser/rails2_asset_pipeline


This extension helps you embed GroupDoc’s online document viewer to your Radiant pages.
GroupDocs viewer is an intuitive software that helps you to upload documents of multiple formats without the…