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This simple extension provides a tag for the output of the title of the site. The site title should be set in a configuration setting with a key of ‘site.title’.

Also allows for the option to o…


Site Watcher will count the number of times that a cache has been created for each url. It records this information in the page_requests table and provides radius tags such as @<r:popular:pages:eac…

by Jim Gay

Provides site wide data, for use on things like fields like authors, copyright statements etc where you don’t want editors touching HTML


Create a snapshot of all pages on your site.

This was based upon an old Snapshot extension from long ago by a developer whom I can’t remember as well as the Electrostatic Extension….

by Jim Gay


  • CSS & JS now require developer & admin rights to edit.
  • TrueCaching™ so that your users aren’t forced to re-download them every 5 mins.
  • No more layouts just to serv…

Add file_system behaviour to the SnS extension.


Enable LESS filtering of Stylesheets kept with the SnS-Extension


Plugs into the SnS extension to allow you to shrink (minify) your CSS and/or JS files. That way you can view and edit the big, easy-to-read, commented versions but serve low-fat ones.

Several s…


Ever wanted to upload images and files with Radiant? Cool, there are some extensions around here for that.

What about managing stylesheets and javascripts from the Radiant interface? Yeah there’…

by Jim Gay

Adds Sass filtering to the SnS extension. Write your stylesheets using Sass, and we’ll serve ’em up for you all washed and pressed.


Spanish language pack for Radiant 0.9. Translation consists of admin UI strings and description of radiant tags.


Make your content searchable via the excellent Thinking Sphinx. Sphinx Search automatically creates the necessary indexes on your pages and provides a SearchPage subclass to handle the actual searc…


Adds support for paid subscriptions through Spreedly.


This extension adds ssl requirement to radiant admin pages.


Simple staff or member profiles for Radiant CMS. Used for education institutions, training organizations, cast and crew of a film, company management profiles, etc.


Caches rendered content in directory structure that mirrors the URL. Apache (or the web server of your choice) can then serve the static pages without hitting the Radiant application at all.


An extension by Aissac that adds templating support to Radiant CMS. It is built on top of Custom Fields Extension and provides the ability to define named templates (sterotypes) for Pages. Template…


Tags for showing latest stock market information. Currently supports Yahoo Finance.

Website: http://github.com/nuex/radiant-stocks-extension


This extension adds a useful second layer of navigation to the main radiant admin interface, and helps to keep the tab frenzy to a manageable level. It’s mostly meant for use by extension authors, …


Add a somewhere in your page part content and the rest will be truncated.


An extension by Aissac that provides portability to your Radiant CMS project by allowing you to export and import the records in the database and making it easy to manage them with a source control…


This is another way to apply tags to objects in your radiant site and retrieve objects by tag. If you’re looking at this you will also want to look at the tags extension, which does a good job of t…


A tiny bit of glue to attach taggable’s tags to event_calendar’s events and define some radius tags useful on calendar pages.

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This extension enhances the page model with tagging capabilities, tagging as in “2.0” and tagclouds.


This extension makes the tags extension multi_site aware.