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This extension provides a set of tools for managing
TEI-encoded text in Radiant.


An extension for Radiant CMS to create page “templates” or “inner layouts” that constrain the structure and editing UI of a page. HEAD requires Radiant >= 1.0. Tag for 0.9.1
Also available as a …


Adds a toolbar when the Textile filter is selected to make it easier to apply Textile formatting. If you have enkoder_tags and page_attachments extensions installed, the link and image buttons als…


Adds toolbars to Textile-enabled text areas in the admin.


Display events from a 30boxes calendar.


Add TinyMCE javascript editor as filter to pages and snippets editor. Saves radiant tags intact. Has image uploading.


An extension by Aissac that adds Paperclipped based Tiny MCE support to Radiant CMS. This extension provides a Rich Text Editor filter and allows you to edit the content using the TinyMCE editor. I…


Top Level Page

This Radiant CMS extension changes the top level page of a user.

Insertion of top level page selector into User form in Admin UI accomplished via instructions at:


Adds trailing slash to url (by redirecting to url with slash). Prevents from splitting PageRank. Recommended by Google ( http://google-cz.blogspot.com/2010/08/s-lomitkem-nebo-bez.html )

by MikZ

Adds tag for truncating contents.


Allows you to post link updates to Twitter when children of a selected page are published. Requires John Nunemaker’s ‘twitter’ gem.


Allows to include the latest tweets from a user in the page – see it in action on http://openminds.be/

by wonko

Расширение дает возможность входить через Ulogin.


An extension by Aissac that adds Sphinx indexing support to Radiant CMS.


  • Full text search for content and page titles.
  • Radius tags for iterating over search results, checking if …

Simple administrative interface and tags to manage upcoming events (calendar, etc)


Upload is an extension which allows you to upload files to your website through Radiant CMS. It is meant to be simple to use and easy to install. The feature set is small only allowing you to uploa…


Radiant Upload Manager is an extension for Radiant CMS to enable the admin upload multiple files at once in a handy queue.
Extension firstly developed by Haitham Mohammad in 2008 and not updated a…


Log the user in with a secret token in the url and optionally redirect them to a specified page.


Radiant has a config system to configure an entire site. These settings live in config/environment.rb

This extension lets you set configure options on a user.

by rwilcox

Allows you to set the home screen for each user which may be changed to any installed extension: Dashboard, for example.

by Jim Gay

This extension allows you to assign user-level permissions to each page. For each user you can define whether they can create a subpage, remove a page, update its contents or change its permissions.


Manages URL redirects without the need to create useless pages. It will catch every request and test against the ‘catch URLs’ that you provide. It even allows you to redirect to another website.

by Jim Gay

Set, retrieve, and evaluate variables within pages, snippets and/or layouts. Let’s you parameter-ize your snippets and page parts and use those values via the conditional tags extension

Screen shot 2011-07-04 at 14

This extension builds on Josh French’s PageParts extension.
It adds a new page part type “VcardPagePart”, which aids in making valid hCard-formatted markup.