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Bespin is an embeddable source code editor from Mozilla that provides robust syntax highlighting, indentation support, and other features.

The Bespin Editor Extension replaces all textareas in R…


Adds tags such as “r:authors” and “r:pages” (for the current author) and pulls in all features from the siblings_tags extension

Development was supported by Ignite Social Media

by Jim Gay

Provides some useful blogging tags, like previous and next article and time_ago_in_words for showing dates like “3 days ago”.


The bluecloth2 filter wraps the bluecloth 2 gem. Bluecloth 2 has much faster and more accurate rendering than the Bluecloth 1 included with Radiant.


This simple extension adds a body class attribute to each page.


enables per page admin option of setting caching to a non-default value, or turning it off altogether.


An Extension providing some useful capistrano recipes for radiant

- up and download database content
- sync assets/gallery files
- migrate over capistrano
- symlink assets/gallery/upload folders


Carousel makes it easy to include a rotating banner image (with controls) on your site. You can include multiple banners per Radiant site, each with different images, and no limit on the number of …

by banane

It allows administrators to set the author of each page.

Supported by Ignite Social Media

by Jim Gay

An extension to add Chargify recurring billing services to your website.


Allows you to define new default page properties for every new child of a certain page. Most commonly used to set new default page parts or fields, but you could also put ‘template’ content in page…


Provides extra footer children tags, in addition to the children header tag.


Allows a default layout to be specified for child pages so that when children inherit the layout they can get an alternative layout. This is useful when you have a landing page layout but you want …


This extension adds versioning to pages and uses a page’s status to determine its visibility. The most recent published or hidden version is visible in live mode and the most recent version, a.k.a….

Afbeelding 1

This filter adds CKEditor to Radiant.


Code Extension

Extension which provides support for code highlighting to Radiant CMS via different code highlighting libraries (syntax,coderay,ultraviolet,highlight.js)


Provides syntax highlighting via the CodeRay ruby gem.


A content filter for CoffeeScript (http://jashkenas.github.com/coffee-script/)

UPDATE : Added <r:coffeescript> </r:coffeescript> tags too, for people who like to embed script in to t…


Adds blog-like comment functionality to Radiant.


This is a simple extension that exposes page and snippet data at URLs without layouts so that the content can be imported by external projects.

We have also created a Rails plugin to make using …


Compressor provides an option to strip all non space-character whitespace, and replace double spaces with single spaces in the Radiant ResponseCache.

by Jim Gay

Enables draft versions of pages, snippets and layouts, which can be scheduled for promotion to published status. HEAD requires >= Radiant 1.0.0. Tags available for 0.9.1 and earlier versions.


An if/unless framework for Radiant pages. Rather than being limited to Radiant’s pre-built conditionals, the world is now your oyster. Better still, it allows extension writers to craft their own …


Turns radiant into a conference/event management site. Used to power the ApacheCon websites.


It allows for a page to be copied or moved under a new parent, with or without its children.
HEAD requires >= Radiant 1.0.0. Tags for 0.9.1 and earlier versions.
Original work done by "Andrea F…