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The radiant-crm-extension is a port of the FatFreeCRM customer relationship manager. Track & Assign Leads, Task, Contacts, Campaigns, Opportunities, & Accounts.

Your Radiant users that have are …


An extension by Aissac that allows you to add custom fields to Radiant CMS pages. You have access to an admin interface for managing assigned custom fields and Radius tags for accessing them.


Allow you to render a google calendar to a page with a blank layout, when the google calendar renders it allows the injection of stylesheets. THIS IS IN DEV ATM, please check back in a short while


CyImage extension can be used to implement on-fly image resizing using ImageMagick directly on your Radiant pages.


Provides an area to view recent activity in Radiant. The interface is extendable so that other exensions may add their own recent activity list.

by Jim Gay

An extension by Aissac that adds database persistence to emailed forms. It works on top of the Radiant Mailer Extension and the fields recorded to the database are user defined. The extension adds …


Adds tag for converting dates from one format to another.


Access Radiant through WebDAV, by myself and Michael Kessler


A very simple extension. Adds links direct to your pages from the admin interface. Tested in 0.8.1 and 0.9.1.

Links are added the top of each edit page, and each page’s status in the main page b…


Provides tags to easily integrate Disqus comments into your site. Configuration variables to set shortname for entire site, developer_mode, auto_title.

by smooshy

This is a simple and fairly thin extension that makes it easy to protect file downloads using nginx’s internal redirects. It works something like this:

  • You upload a file using the admin interf…

This extension allows pages to be moved or copied to any arbitrary (valid) place in the document tree structure by dragging the page to its new position and dropping it there.


Adds a new page type for news items and allows you to create news items under multiple subtrees from a single separate page interface.


Adds admin controls that allow editing published date of pages.
Based on Edit Pages extension.


Electrostatic is a very simple Radiant extension focused on generating truly static content from the Pages in your instance of the CMS. By truly static, I mean that an HTML, CSS, JS, or whatever ty…


Enabler allows you to enable and disable a site remotely.

Just setup

to whatever you want and post to yoursite.com/admin/disable/yo…

by Jim Gay

Provides tags for hiding web content (including email addresses) from robots using Dan Benjamin’s Enkoder


This extension adds the r:escape_xml tag to escape predefined XML characters.


Provides a few Radius Tags to access data from the EventBrite API

Right now, functionality is limited to getting the events of a user,
iterating over them and displaying their data (useful e.g….


Generate a monthly calendar of events in your pages. Includes highlighted days with events and mouseover tooltips with a summary of the day’s events. Full event listing is provided on a separate page.


This extension lets your radiant site present calendar events. It can read ical feeds and caldav servers (including google calendars), or you can enter and administer events through the admin inter…


An extension that adds an “event feed” to your Administration section.

It hooks into Pages, Layouts, Snippets and Users and records any time they are created, updated or deleted. These are th…

by threehv

Makes easy the display of event_calendar events on a google map. Understands postcodes, zipcodes, OS grid references and most postal addresses.


A wrapper around the tried & true Rails exception notifier, this extension can be configured to send you email reports when exceptions occur.

Additionally, Exception Notification adds an Interna…


Returns the first N characters (default 200) of the text, closing html tags properly. The exact length will be off based on how many open tags must be closed. This tag doesn’t work very well for sh…

by smooshy