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Lets you create web forms that send email, especially ‘contact us’ style forms.


Allows you to set up a second email to the form submitter that differs from the email sent to regular mail receiver.
See README.md for configuration instructions.


MailTo is a Radiant CMS extension that hides e-mails from robots. It is a simple wrapper for the Rails mail_to tag with :encode => :javascript.


MediaMaid is an easy-to-use asset manager. It has a drop down gallery on the Edit Page, as well as a one-click insertion into your post. Upload sizes are configurable. So far audio, movie, and grap…

by banane

The mediawiki_filter extension adds support for Mediawiki markup. The syntax supported is limited to the featureset of the MediaCloth gem and a few enhancements thereof. (Please use this webmail


An extension by Aissac that adds members support to Radiant CMS. Using this extension you can restrict access to pages on your public site to be accessible only to members that have an account. It …


Updated for Radiant 0.8.0.

Provides site registration form, user profile tab, password recovery form. Modifies the Radiant Admin User model. See README for full instructions.


This extension integrates Vanity metrics and A/B testing (http://vanity.labnotes.org) into Radiant.

by jemmyw

This is a very simple extension allows you to offer a cache-friendly mobile version of your radiant site. It takes care of the configuration of the site and the redirection of users between version…


Supplies tags to display odd and even child pages

by lonnon

Replaces all text areas in pages, snippets and layouts with a Mozilla Skywriter editor using HTML syntax highlighting.


Provides multilingual pages for Radiant. A multilingual page has one slug for every language. Use slugs like ‘about-us-en’, ‘about-us-de’ or ‘about-us’, ‘ueber-uns’ and translate away using



Lets you serve multiple sites (domains/virtual hosts) from a single instance of Radiant.


This extension provides integration between RadiantCMS and myGengo.com through API


Simple extensions that adds day and month tags, enabling localized day and month names for dates. Currently supports English, German and Dutch.


Provides hierarchical tree navigation based on Radiant’s site structure. Outputs navigation in the form of a very flexible and CSS’able unordered list.


<r:nav [root="/"] [...

Provides tags for easily creating nested layouts.

Nested Layouts enables reuse of a top-level “master” layout (one that contains your tags and the overall structure/wrapper of your site) …


Enter news with headline, leadtext, text, start date and stop date.


Add rewrite rules to your 404-page to catch legacy urls.


When caching was switched to Rack::Cache in Radiant 0.8, the bit where it wouldn’t cache in dev mode was left out. This puts it back in. Not needed in Radiant 0.9.


Easily embeds content like YouTube videos, Flickr photos and much more by URL.

For a list of all supported providers see http://api.embed.ly/

Simply write


Supports uploaded files as “attachments” to pages.


Works with the page_attachments extension to make attached files available under the page they’re attached to, so the URL of an attachment can be pretty and also located where it belongs in the hei…


Page Event is a simple page-based event calendar for associating time-based events with your Radiant pages. The original example was setting up meeting announcements in radiant where the meeting w…


PageFactory is a small DSL for easily and intelligently defining content types. Each content type is a plain old Ruby class that you can keep in app/models.

Once your pages are created, PageFact…